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Date: 00:45:03 on Thursday, July 10, 2008
Name: Hp cfnm
Subject: Helping Sister's Friend

Helping Sister's Friend

Ashleigh's friend Emma is upset because she thinks she is ugly and none of the boys fancy her. Ashleigh's mum, Wendy, decides to do something to boost Emma's ego. She calls in her son Nick and tells him to strip! Nick is shocked and refuses but Wendy is insistent and soon Emma's tears melt away as Nick starts undressing right in front of her. He is reluctant to undress totally but Wendy quickly whips off his underwear giving Emma and a very embarrassed Ashleigh full view of his cock. Wendy then proceeds to give Emma instructions on how to play with it and even gets Ashleigh to demonstrate her own technique on her brother! With the three of them taking turns to play with his hard-on, its not long before the embarrassed Nick cums all over the table prompting cries of "well done!" from his mum!




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