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Date: 17:34:54 on Saturday, February 14, 2009
Name: Hp cfnm
Subject: Pure CFNM - Dinner Party Hold-Up

Pure CFNM - Dinner Party Hold-Up

Two posh couples are having a dinner party when robbers Francesca and Mia burst in and demand their jewellery and wallets. They hold them at gun point while they empty their pockets and then force them to strip! The men are stripped naked and the girls down to their underwear and then they are forced to swap partners! The girls are very embarrassed, having to play with a penis that isn't their partners but they suddenly get competitive when the robbers announce that the first guy to cum gets to keep his wallet and jewellery. The two girls start stroking like crazy, trying to get their guys off and Nicola cries with excitement as Justin explodes all over the place, but she is less pleased when she is then made to watch as Theo brings boyfriend Dan to a big orgasm of his own.



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