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Info about register a handle at Spamfreeforums

Is it free to register a handle?
Yes it is absolutely free to register your unique handle at Spamfreeforums.
Why should i register a handle?
Forums have
3 levels for posting messages or reply's;

1. Public: Everyone is allowed to post messages or reply's. No login required.

2. Registered handles: Only registered handles are allowed to post. Login required.

3. Members-only: Only members (board-owners) are allowed to post. Login required.

Most forums are set to "registered handles only". So in order to be able to post messages, you need a registered handle. With that handle you can login to Spamfreeforums. Your handle is valid for all forums, no matter where you registered your handle. An extra benifit is that you are the only one who is able to post with your handle. So nobody can abuse your name and post fake messages, abusing your name. Your handle is password-protected.
How do I register a handle?
Go here to register your own unique handle. We will verify your signup, and if its approved you will receive an automated-email with your password and login-link. So make sure you use a valid emailadres when you register, or else you will not be able to receive the password.
Once you have your handle and password,
click here to edit your handle ( change your password and font attributes). After selecting the attributes you wish, click on "submit" at the bottom of the page. the page will refresh and you will be able to see the changes you've made. If you like what you see, go back to the bottom of the page and click "accept". From then on, all you need to do is LOGIN and your handle will be automatically displayed in the "name" box of any forum you wish to post in (even if it does not show - it's there... really - it is!
What characters may I use (such as ~ or * etc) in my handle?
Any characters (such as * ~ etc) can be used when creating a handle.
Where can I test my handle to see if it looks ok?
Test Forum is for testing your links, checking out your handle colors/size etc. Please feel free to use it whenever you need to.
I tried to log in, but now I'm locked out. Please explain!
You have five chances to correctly log in. If you make 5 errors, you are locked out of loging in WITH ANY HANDLE!! (The lockout is based on your IP address!) The log page will not let you login on the same IP until either the file is cleared by the webmaster by hand, or is automatically cleared at Midnight GMT. Please be careful with cut and pasting your password. If it fails once, don't re-paste the same thing again (even a space at the end of the password will make it fail!)
One of my posters has lost his/her password. Can you help?
Yes. Please post the user's name in the
Webmasters_Only board. Unfortunately we will NOT post the information, nor e-mail you (the member) with that info. What we WILL do is look up the poster's handle, verify it does exist, and e-mail a new password to the e-mail addressed used when requesting the handle. If their e-mail address has changed, there's nothing we can do for them. They will have to create another handle, or wait for this one to expire. Sorry Folks!
All about cookies.
We are using cookies to store your handle. The password is not stored in your cookie but in a file on the server. If you use the login procedure at this site more than 20 times without closing your browser(s), then you may find your handle becomes inactive. To correct this problem, just close all open browsers, then open them and try to login again. Cookies given to you by this site are not persistent cookies. In other words, they will disappear as soon as you close all of your open browsers.

After doing a lot of research, We've found cookies given to you by Java scripts might be capable of being stolen by other Java scripts. This might be where the myth about cookies started, but we are giving you a cookie using a CGI script. Again, it only has your handle stored in it, and it can't be tampered with by any other web site.

Why do you have a "logout" selection on the login screen?
Yes, there is a logout button on the login screen because you should log out if your computer access is on a public/shared computer. The handle information is stored in a cookie, and remains in your temporary file directory unless you log out. If you don't share your computer, it's not really necessary to log out. Cookies do expire - you'll need to log in next time you come to Spamfreeforums.

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